Flightradar24.com shows live airplane traffic from different parts around the world. The technique to receive flight information from aircraft is called ADS-B. That means the Flightradar24.com can only show information about aircraft equipped with ADS-B transponders. Today about 60% of the passenger aircraft and only a small amount of military and private aircraft have an ADS-B transponder. Please read more below about which airplane models are visible on Flightradar24.com

LiveATC.net is a web site and community designed to unite pilots, student pilots, flight instructors, airband communication enthusiasts, and real and virtual air traffic controllers. Its target audience is anyone who can learn from or who just enjoys listening to live aviation communications. The community is fueled by volunteers who live within radio range of airports and who use spare radio and computer equipment to relay airband transmissions into the LiveATC.net audio network.